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Quotes About Your Health

We celebrate world health day on the 7th of April and here are quotes about your health. Because on the 7th of April in 1948 first time WHO held the first world health conference. To take some strong steps towards everyone health and well-being. Today, It’s so important to spread awareness about health and everything related to that. The people who are unaware of it on the special occasion of Health day.

We pray for health and prosperity for everyone and also here you will get special wishes. To wish your loved ones on health day, world mental health day quotes, world day for safety and health quotes. Slogan on world health day.

Quotes about your health:

  • Success doesn’t matter when you lie on a hospital bed.
  • Health is not just wealth it’s everything.
  • If you are healthy it’s the greatest achievement in itself.
  • Health is the reason for our prosperity.
  • I’ll always prefer to be short healthy life over long sick life.
  • There is no shortcut way to be healthy it’s simply our daily habit.
  • Spread happiness and health in your surrounding.
  • Mental Health is also needed to be focused on during a pandemic especially.
  • Health is a consequence of what you chose.
  • For staying healthy we should look after our immunity.
  • Health is our responsibility.
  • If you are not healthy you can’t enjoy even Disneyland.
  • Junk food makes our organs junk and harms it most.
  • A healthy environment can give a healthy life.
  • Tasty junk food is like enemies who pretend to be your friend.
  • Due to our wrongdoings, we lost the beauty and essence of our environment.

Motivational Health day Quotes

  • The health of anyone is not a joke.
  • If you create good habits health will be no more issue.
  • Don’t give preference to anything above your health.
  • There are no benefits of being wealthy until and unless you are healthy.
  • We have witnessed covid at least we should understand the significance of health.
  • Immunity is unity who fight against danger for us.
  • Protect the environment to being protected.
  • A green environment gives fresh breath which leads to a healthy life.
  • Unhealthy life is a curse in itself.

Health day quotes…

  • Healthy life leads to a happy life.
  • Here, you don’t need to make commitments just try to eat green and healthy.
  • Junk food gives short pleasure and long term trouble.
  • Bad food makes our brain lazy and lethargic.
  • Mental health, anxieties heightening due to poor physical health.
  • The health of surroundings is as important as individuals.
  • Precautions from unhealthy habits are better than regretting on a hospitals bed.
  • Living healthy and dying healthy is a blessing.
  • Mental Health is not a shame we forgot that it’s also part of our body.
  • You can’t sneak out from miseries when you retain the awful habit of eating.
  • If we will protect our environment it will protect us.

Motivational Health day Quotes

  • Mental health is not something new at least we need to accept ourselves along with flaws.
  • A healthy body is like a stair to step onto any height of achievement.
  • Immunity is the weapon we use to protect ourselves.
  • An agile body and active mind is the eligibility to become delighted.
  • Life is all about how much you participate in it actively.
  • Health is not about planning, it’s how you adapted Little healthy habits.
  • How can anything else matter to a sick person?
  • Small bad actions towards bad take us on a hospital bed.
  • With help of a healthy body and mind, you can turn your dream into reality.