Top Food day Quotes for Eating Healthy

Healthy Food day Quotes

On 16 October we do food day celebration and here are quotes for eating healthy. Spread awareness about malnutrition, starvation, food shortage and it’s anniversary of FAO of United nation. Food is life provider to every living being.

Here we have brought world food day quotes and quotes for eating healthy in English, world food day slogan, status on world food day and how to wish everyone happy world food day.

 Food day quotes for eating healthy :

  • Food is the third most important thing in the world after oxygen and water.
  • You will know its importance when you don’t have it when you want it most.
  • Food is the only thing that has the potential to give potential.
  • Food is not pleasure it is a necessity.
  • An empty stomach teaches the most precious things about life.
  • May God bless the world that no one die due to hunger.
  • The body becomes active after consuming veg foods.
  • Healthy food habits can do miracles in the body.
  • You can’t classify food as a second preference.
  • We have enough food for all but we are lacking in planning to reach everyone.
  • Food is like a crush for people who stay on diet.
  • Eat with all gratitude, not with attitude.

Top Food day Quotes for Eating Healthy


  • Everyone have right to eat healthy.
  • We should not over consume it nor under consume it.
  • Food is a commodity that is not optional at all.
  • Green vegetables and fruits contain life in themselves.
  • Food is simply fuel for the body.
  • We are lucky enough today because we have the option to opt for what to eat.
  • We are a farmer country we produce our food.
  • Food can not be replaced by anything else in this world.
  • Hunger makes you go nuts think about people who have empty containers.
  • Life on earth is not possible without food.

Top Food day Quotes for Eating Healthy

Quotes for food day:
  • We become what we eat.
  • You cant know the importance of food while fasting but you will know it when you have nothing to it.
  • Nowadays people starve for money more than food.
  • Ask rich importance of freely eating & ask poor the importance of having food.
  • Never overeat instead of it donate it.
  • Most deadly death occurs due to starving.
  • Lucky are those who got three meals at home peacefully.
  • We should respect the food and the maker of it.
  • Malnutrition is a curse to human.
  • Life will be more happening when food goes to starving people instead of dustbin.