50+ missing school days status - memories

 Missing School Days status

  • In-School days having Maggie in lunch feels royal.
  • The most depressing part of that days was to fix the bag.
  • Most itchy feeling comes when your one friend left In class when the teacher gives punishment.
  • Being scolded with your friend’s group shows dignity in school.
  • Still Festival without school friends seems like a sickness.
  • World best hairstyle which our mom made for us by holding our cheeks before school.
  • On school days we don’t have to throw birthday parties we distribute chocolate with a smile.
  • At lunch break we used to chill because we had finished our lunch before the break.
  • Every class have one clown or can be said personal Kapil Sharma,
  • What I remember the most about my school is everything.
  • I believe school teachers should be awarded by Something very special Because they had tolerated us means they are eligible to pass through hell with a smile.
  • We don’t believe in after school activities because we were Very tired of making others tired during.
  • Real heroes are those who left class when the teacher said “leave the class who don’t want to study”
  • Loyalty is when your friend waits outside of school to enter class together.
  • During whole days hunger feels only when the teacher is teaching.
  • We pity parents when they give examples of most Rascal friends and said to be like them.
  • When you go for two minutes to the outside of class and Found empty lunch then you realized how big bastard friends you have made. we have learned adjustment by sitting 5 friends in the area of 3 people.
missing school day status….

school days

  • Cutest moment was when we instruct our mom in advance to prepare lunch for the whole group.
  • Friend means not only sitting together in class but also to stand next to each other during prayer.
  • Writing crush name on the last page of the notebook, Felt tickled.
  • There is no meaning in your school days if You have never crush on your teacher.
  • Walking with memories of old friends still don’t let Feel your loneliness.
  • Teachers in school teach us how to learn but professors Give lectures only.
  • Still passing from school ways throws immense memory.
  • Real fun fans have variable seats like x in school.
  • Last benchers are lions of their class forest.
  • The Friend with whom you can talk also when teachers are Staring then they are your soulmate, not friends.
  • Generally Last benchers are excellent in studies also.
  • School life give the lesson which lasts afterlife
  • The class felt like cremation ground when your best friend was absent without informing you.
  • The best restaurant of all time Is the period before lunch break.
  • Believe it or not teachers also love last benchers the most.
  • The most famous dialogue of school days is “meet me outside of school”.
  • It takes everything to bunk class of strict teacher.
  • Friends are those who also talk during prayer songs.
  • Watching crush with the side of eyes and imagining about Marriage and kids are pro feelings.
  • Last benchers are those who don’t follow school rules, but all student follow their rules.
  • Passing the whole period from water excuse with friends is an achievement in itself.
  • It felt like heaven when the teacher whom you hate Also hates you back.
  • Giving friendship band to your friends with your saving money for months is friendship.
  • There were people in high school who checked people first that Who is watching after being beaten up?
  • Your school days were boring if there were no fight In two boys for a girl at the gate of the school.
  • Still guards of school recognise you? That means you were a trouble maker.
  • Booking the seat for your friend on a bus with three tools We have first is hanky, 2nd is a bag and final tool is leg
  • I don’t know then that the person whom I’m sitting with I will make a sit booking in my life for always.
  • Wearing colourful uniform in two ponytails and still, have Swag that was school days.
  • no matter how much pain you are getting from the present But school memories are enough to make you smile.
  • If mistakes make a person wise then my school friends are the wisest Because no one has that much power to make that many mistakes And being punished happily.
  • My life’s first earning was having a school friend with whom I can share everything and anything till now.

50+ missing school day status