Fun Party Games

Top 10

 For Teenagers 


Guess The Tune

Teenagers are quite inclined towards music, and this game can be a sweet surprise for them. You can plan this game by making a CD or installing some trending teenage songs on your mobile or pen drive.


The Chocolate Game

You can plan a surprising chocolate game for your child’s party. All you need are large bars of chocolate. You can break the bars into equal pieces and put them on separate plates.


Pass The Pillow

Pass The Pillow is another entertaining and fun party game for teens. While you could be familiar with it already, no harm in brushing it up again! This game is played in a large group and requires music in the background. Consider yourself a music jockey for that day and let the music play.



Medusa is a group game that can be played with 8 to 10 players. This is one of the Halloween games for teens that requires no specific setting. You just need to gather all the players in a circle.


Dance To The Tune

Dancing is fun and enjoyed by teenage groups. Then why not make them play a joyful dancing game! This dancing game needs no special preparations and is pretty simple to play. You just need a good collection of dancing tracks popular amongst teenagers and a bowl full of chits with the players’ names.


Sleeping Beauty Game

The Sleeping Beauty Game makes a perfect choice for teenage girls. It is ideal for slumber parties and is played with 5 to 6 players. The game is all about not giving up.


The Makeover Game

The Makeover Game is another fun game for your teenage girl’s slumber party. Here, you give the girls a chance to present their makeup skills and creativity. You can use lipsticks, hairbrushes, blush, hair accessories, clips, scarves, hair ties, perfumes, and more to get the model ready.


Eat The Donut

This game can be a delicious surprise for all those with a sweet tooth. This game requires a little effort, but the outcome is worth appreciating. You will need donuts equal to the number of kids at the party and a lengthy string. Tie the string along the ceiling tightly and hang some donuts onto the string.


Guess The Leader

This game is enjoyed by different age groups of teenagers. It is fun and engaging and requires the participants to spot the leader.


Act Your Buddy Out!

Act Your Buddy Out is a mingling game that lets one know how well they know their friends. This game will need some prior preparations – you will have to make chits with the names of your teenage child’s friends attending the party. Mention two names in each chit.