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Epic 70th Birthday Party Ideas, Decoration And Themes

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 Casino night


Does your dad love going to casinos? Then this can be an awesome idea! Organize a casino night at home and print the celebrant’s picture on everything – from cards and poker chips to the slots in the machine. Invite his friends and present them with an unforgettable evening.

Birthday video


Ask your family and friends to record short video messages of their favorite memories of your dad and play it on a big screen following the cake-cutting ceremony.

70-page scrapbook


Create a scrapbook of 70 pages that summarizes the seven decades of your dad’s life. Apart from pictures, you can add heartfelt letters from his friends and family members telling how much the birthday honoree means to them. This is the best 70th birthday gift he can have!



If your dad is a music fan and loves to sing, a karaoke party can be the best idea. Include some popular songs along with the ones from your dad’s early years of life.

70 messages from 70 friends


Choose 70 from the friends, family members, past colleagues, and distant family members of your mother, and combine 70 birthday messages for your mom. Put them in a jar and read out those funny and touching messages on her 70th birthday. This can be the perfect birthday gift ever!



Hire a photographer and click a handful of pics of your mom with all the family members and friends to cherish later..



Create miniature golf in the backyard. All the birthday party decorations must be golf-themed, including the cake. Take a couple of clear vases and fill them up with tees and golf balls and place them around the party venue.

Favorite things


A theme that the guest of honor will love – all things favorite! This theme revolves around everything that the person loves – from books to movies to snacks to everything. This will make them feel special.

Two truths and a lie


Gather your friends and family and play this exciting game. Everyone takes a turn and says one lie and two truths about themselves, and others have to guess which statement is a lie. This is a great way to understand how well you know each other.

Favorite food in 70 years


Is your loved one a foodie? Then pick some of his favorite foods all through these years and choose different themes based on that. Now, let the guests move about and taste the different-themed food at different tables.