Cute And Funny Nicknames For Best Friends

Top 10

This is a simple name to make your friend know that you are their best pal.

1. Buddy

This is for a friend who is cute, bubbly, and always cheerful. You can also give this nickname to a friend who is obsessed with minions.

2. Minion

Do you have a sluggish friend? If yes, then this is a perfect name for your friend.

3. Slow-Mo

This is for the friend who loves everything related to technology and is mostly found playing and experimenting with gadgets.

4. Techie

Coconuts are hard on the outside but soft on the inside. So, you can give this nickname to your best friend who looks super tough from the outside but is very sweet, soft and caring from the inside.

5. Coconut

Do you have a friend who is always ready to ask tons of questions? Or a friend who always has a big question mark on their face? If yes, then you can give them this cute nickname - 'Puzzle.'

6. Puzzle

Adapted from the famous 90s cartoon show 'The Powerpuff Girls', you can give this name to your best female friend who has leadership qualities and a very nurturing nature.

7. Blossom

This cute fun nickname is for those besties who are very ticklish and burst into laughter even at the slightest touch.

8. Tickly Boo

If your girl is quiet, shy, and an introvert, then this is the perfect cute nickname for her.


This is a perfect nickname for those who are lazy but also cute as hell.

10. Clumsy Pie