Cool Last Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

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Derived from the Galician, Abella means a bee. This last name was usually given to someone who worked as a beekeeper or sometimes as a nickname for a small, active person.


Amana is a popular female surname of Hebrew origin. It means trust, faithful, or loyal.

2. Amana

A Polish surname, Cyprus is a derivation of Cyrus and acquired from the Greek name Kyros, which was the name of a king in Persia. The word means “fair.”


Luna freya Nox Fleuret, better known as Luna, is Final Fantasy’s XV’s most pivotal character. Luna means “the Moon.”


This common last name has a Scottish and Irish origins. McCoy is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Mac Aodha, meaning “Aodh’s son.” Aodh is an Irish mythological deity.


The last name Sierra denotes a “mountain range” and finds its roots in the Spanish language. The name also means “saw.”


This surname was introduced in England in the 7th century. It finds roots in Old English and is a local surname derived from Hanna’s or Han’s “leah.”


Verlice is a family name with roots dating back to 1871 to a family in Berwickshire, Scotland. The name denotes versatility, to be willing or one who is correct.


A character from Game of Thrones and Welcome October, this English name refers to the month of October in the English calendar year.


Mintz Adler is a fantasy character from the Phoenix Sorcerer. The name suits Dungeon and Dragon characterizations well.