Motivational quotes for Vijay divas : Captions

Vijay divas

On 26th of July we celebrate the vijay divas every year because on this day we won against Pakistan in the Kargil war which went on for 60 days. This war happens because Pakistan’s tries to halt the pact between India and Pakistan. On this day we salute all the soldiers and martyrs who gave their life to save us and our country.

We have won many wars and fights but this day is celebrated as vijay diwas especially because on this day we show the whole world that we are the followers of the truth and if someone else wants to break it we will preserve it for sure.

Here we have brought kargil vijay diwas quotes in English, how to wish on kargil vijay divas, Vijay diwas slogan in english:


Vijay Divas Quotes:

  • Celebrating the victory of our armies in the historical kargil war. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Armies don’t take their life for granted like we do because of them. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • When it comes to saving the country our soldiers are always ready to fight. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • We are struggling with little things in our life. They struggle to protect us. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Army is not just a job, it’s a profession of life giving for the country. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • The Kargil war was not a fight between two countries, it was a fight between right and wrong. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Our soldiers never let down our country and us. Happy kargil  vijay diwas

Motivational quotes for Vijay divas : Captions

Quotes for Kargil Divas:
  • Salute from heart to all the soldiers who give their life. Happy kargil  vijay diwas
  • All jobs are honourable but the army is the definition of honour. Happy kargil  vijay diwas
  • Salute to the soldiers who chose martyrship as death. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Only soldiers have the courage to make eye contact with death and also defeat it when needed. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • War becomes important when it comes to country pride. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • People suffer from their family responsibility and soldier take all the responsibility of the country on them happily. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Armies fight for the country until their last breadth and last drop of blood. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • Army fights not to massage their own ego but to serve the country. Happy kargil vijay diwas
  • They don’t sleep to make us sleep safely. Happy kargil vijay divas