top 50+ Heart touching and funny birthday wishes For Husband

Heart touching and funny birthday wishes For Husband.

Warm birthday wishes for husband:

  1. Having you in my life is proof there’s someone who is well wishes for us.
  2. You are my most lovely and cutest living teddy.
  3. I love when you become like my mother for caring for me.
  4. I never knew love until I met you, my life.
  5. Praying for all your dreams and desire from bottom of my heart.
  6. I want to keep you away from this world for myself.
  7. You made me leave my parents but I still love you.
  8. Imagining life without you? I can’t even imagine.
  9. When you are with me world look reasonable.
  10. I can’t stop irritating you because it’s my favourite game.
  11. You are my perfect match, like two rhyming words in beautiful poetry.
  12. Hoping for our happy family to become happier in the coming years.
  13. Not having your hands in my hand feel incomplete.
  14. Living without you seeing tougher than death.
  15. Not having you beside me hurt me most.
  16. You are the purest and kind-hearted person I have ever seen and met in life.
  17. You protect me from this world like my father and I love that most.
  18. I have got you in face of All my prayers.
  19. You are the shine of my eyes, calm in life.
  20. I thought it would be hard to live with a stranger, but now this thought sounds strange.
  21. I respect you more than I love you for your incredible thought and personality.
  22. You are one whom I’ll choose over anyone and anything.
  23. Every path seems easy and amazing when my ride partner is you.
  24. Only seeing you can give me enough stillness that nothing else in the world can do.
  25. . I always bow to your parents for producing you and keeping you for me.

Birthday wishes for husband

————————————–Top 50 Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband——————————
  1. You are the reason behind my makeup, I want to impress you every day.
  2. You are my favourite hero because you entertain me protect me care for me like a superhero.
  3. Having you beside me makes me beautiful, complete and powerful.
  4. Loving you feels like the essence of mine.
  5. Having a partner who is equally insane like you is a blessing and I’m blessed by it.
  6. May you have a very great year ahead and all your wishes come true.
  7. You don’t how much I’m proud of you because you are the ideal men a girl can dream of.
  8. You are my love of life and also the afterlife
  9. May God bless you with an h longer life than me.
  10. Never leave my hand because I can’t live without you now.
  11. I love you so much that I know when you are really happy and when you are pretending to be.
  12. You are so lucky hubby to have a wife like me I know that very well.
  13. May you get me as a fool but I don’t care and I can’t stop overreacting when it comes to you.
  14. I feel your breath when I breathe can you feel mine?
  15. I’ll not give you a headache today, because it’s your birthday.
  16. You are not someone else whom I love, it’s like I’m just body you are living in it.
  17. Can’t be quiet today it’s your birthday my life.
  18. When you become stressed due to anything, I can’t smile at that moment.
  19. You are my most beautiful view of life.
  20. You are the shield of my happiness.

top 50+ Heart touching and funny birthday wishes For Husband

Few more…..
  1. If you want to explain to me with one word just take your name.
  2. You are the sailor of my life, I believe you blindly my love.
  3. You are my favourite gift of mine I received it from your parents.
  4. Can’t you be less caring for others and a little more loving toward yourself for me?
  5. You suit in my life like the smile on the face come top