Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings

In India, we celebrate rakshabandhan every year to celebrate the bond of brother and sister strongest and purest relation ever to exist. On this day sisters bind, rakhis to their brothers and brothers give promises to save their sister from all problems of the world and also give gifts to her, so on that wonderful occasion we have bring beautiful quotes, status and wishes in English.

Here are the top 30+ Top 30 Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings.

Festival which makes strong the purest bond of brother and sister.

  1. Thanks for always being there for me to save me.
  2. You are the only light in our house.
  3. When it comes to sisters, brothers lose their all patience.
  4. Brother speaks for us and when needed speak to us.
  5. You save me from this bad world.

————————– Top 30 Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings —————————-

  1. Day is incomplete without seeing you and fighting with you.
  2. We fight most but we also talk most.
  3. Big sister care for her brother more than her mother.
  4. No one can protect a girl like her brother.
  5. Every brother are a bodyguard of their sister for life.
  6. A boy can be calm but don’t expect it when you talk about his sister.
  7. Brothers favourite entertainment is to annoy sisters.
  8. Only day brothers gave gift it might be forced but they do.
————————–  Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings —————————-
  1. Brother always take it as the right to tease sister but never give it to the second person.
  2. They help when no one can and want to help.
  3. Brothers are not strict or rude they just think about their sister safety most.
  4. We miss our brothers/sisters most who don’t live with us mostly on this day.
  5. For a big brother his sister is the most innocent creature ever to exist.
  6. The only day when brothers gave a gift to sister.
  7. You are lucky if you have a younger sister to tease all the time.
  8. Life and home both are incomplete without siblings.
  9. Brothers always understand our feelings.

————————– Top 30 Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings —————————-

  1. Rakshabandhan is the only day when you talk with your siblings with respect.
  2. Brothers fight with us but also fight for us.
  3. If you have a younger brother and sister then you don’t need a maid or PA.
  4. Most Beautiful feeling comes when you bind rakhi someone who has no sisters.
  5. Brothers are useless fellows but they always keep rakhi promise at any cost.
  6. Women are not believable for secrets but sisters always keep their Brothers secrets safe.
  7. Rakshabandhan is a festival of the bond and belief of Brother and sister.

————————– Top 30 Raksha Bandhan Quotes Messages & Greetings —————————-