Famous Science day Quotes - CV Raman thoughts

Science day

We celebrate science day on 28 February with science famous quotes. In remembrance of our great CV Raman and his discovery Raman effect science enables us to invent technology. Science is a crucial part of our life, school. Science is most important for our development and growth. It gave the laws and principles which help us to understand and maintain our body and surrounding.

On the occasion of science day, we have brought science day wishes, science day status for WhatsApp, science day quotes and how to wish science day?

 Science famous quotes:

  • Science gives us a vision beyond our limitations.
  • Science is not just a theory to study it’s the path to reach out to the world.
  • The fact which our eyes can not see but exist.
  • Science is as deep as the sea in which you can sink as much as you want.
  • Science is not just subject it is a world in itself.
  • You can’t study all science in one life.
  • Science is a gift from our forefathers for living a better life.
  • The kids who don’t let their wandering die with age become scientists.

Famous Science day Quotes

  • Science is an instrument from which we can see what we can’t.
  • The growth of humans is not possible without science.
  • Science is the study of surrounding including yourself.
  • Prediction doesn’t work when it comes to science.
  • Still, there is the possibility of discoveries in science.
  • Science becomes broader as you go close to it.
  • Science gave us a way to be out of any crisis and situation.
  • Today’s science day, the day of geeks like you.
  • Science seems the most obvious concept after got it.

Quotes for Science day…

  • For me, quantum science is like women who are not apparent.
  • Science removes our blindfolds from beliefs.
  • Science is digging everything around you.
  • We should thank all great personalities who enables us to know more than what we can sense.
  • Science provides us concepts beyond our perception.
  • Geeks fall for science from school days.
  • Science give humans the power to turn imagination into reality.
  • Science is magical truth.
  • Science is a reality that exists parallel with us.
  • Scientists are simply the most curious humans.

Famous Science day Quotes

  • Unfortunately, our society is crazy about tech, not science.
  • Science is the subject of understanding.
  • Science is a flexible subject you can use for war or peace.
  • Thanks to those also who have turned science into useful forms
  • Science allows us a new path to explore.
  • If we will be able to increase our perception we will not gonna need any proof for the theorem.
  • Science affects our lives in all ways.
  • Science is the only subject that contains the whole universe as a syllabus.