Sad WhatsApp Status in English : Captions and Quotes

Sad WhatsApp status

  1. A relationship is like a flower, once it breaks down it cannot be attached to the plant again as it was before.
  2. Trust is the language of love. Without a language your communication will be blur.
  3. The person who made you cry has never loved you. Sad WhatsApp Status.
  4. Time never waits for someone, it passes on making moments.
  5. When someone needs you give them time, because you don’t know how there needs become yours.
  6. People say, time changes, time say, people changes.
  7. Transparency always doesn’t make your life good, sometime secrets make them.
  8. Never judge yourself for anyone else because nobody stays forever.
  9. Busy, always doesn’t mean work, sometimes it becomes a synonym of ignore.
  10. It’s better to stay alone than being hated. Sad WhatsApp Status.

sad quotes

  1. Love yourself as much as you can, depending upon others will make you sick finding love.
  2. Standing in the world full of hater’s, you will fall one day in the search of love.
  3. When you are trying to do something good, the whole world will stand against you.
  4. Mirror is the only thing that shows you the truth of life.
  5. If some are speaking bad about you, know that you are doing something good that can change your life.
  6. Bad times are like speed breaker, slowdown your life cross the way smoothly and there will be no scratches. Sad WhatsApp Status.
  7. Don’t copy others, become a update version of yourself.
  8. Success makes you proud and failure makes you cry in crowd.
  9. Love is a game where you are a player and lover is the destroyer.
  10. Don’t make some your breath, because they may not stay with you forever.
  11. Falling on your face gives you strength to standup and start it all over again so that next time making you fall becomes difficult. Sad WhatsApp Status.
  12. Bad time passes away soon, good times never stays long.