National Farmer's day : Quotes and Status - Wishes and Messages

Quotes for Farmers day

On the 23rd of December, we celebrate farmers day and here are quotes for farmers day. Which is also the birth anniversary of Choudhary Charan Singh the fifth prime minister of India. We celebrate farmer day and express our gratitude and well wishes to all the farmers. Their input in making our country prosperous and independent is huge, so we should bow down to the farmers and also take care of them as they do for us.

On this special occasion we have brought farmers day quotes in English, salute to farmers quotes, farmers day wishes.

 Farmer’s day quotes:

  1. We are a miserable generation because our farmers are not happy.
  2. Agriculture makes our culture rich.
  3. We are not understanding the pain of farmers who are giving their all to feed us.
  4. Farming is a profession to convert soil in life.
  5. We should be grateful to farmers with each morsel.
  6. God can’t run this world without farmers.
  7. Farmers are at a loss just because they are farmers who don’t know the business.
  8. When farmers become profit-seekers we will have to sleep empty stomach.
  9. Farmer’s professions are so similar to a mother’s character.
  10. If there is agriculture we are still lost in the forest.
  11. Farming is a most laborious and magical skill.

30+ Inspiring Farmer's day quotes

  1. Farmers and soldiers live to save others.
  2. Farmers are the only poor who contribute to making our life rich.
  3. Farming needs technique and dedication towards your work.
  4. India is a farming country and there is a farmer in every one of us.
  5. We are living civilised life only because of our farmers today.
  6. Farmer is the larger personality a human can be.
  7. Farmers arthouse who produce food from nothing.
  8. Even God is not fair with our farmers otherwise not a single farmer hasn’t had to do suicide.
  9. Not everyone can do farming. It needs speciality in it.
Quotes for farmers day…
  1. Farmers are the reason behind our every healthy and satisfying meal.
  2. Farmers suicide shows humanity is dying
  3. Rich entrepreneurs can’t exist without poor farmers.
  4. See the coincidence, people who are fed all, sleep empty stomach mostly.
  5. To save our lives we need to save farmers’ lives.
  6. Farmers are labour who do both activities mentally and physically.

30+ Inspiring Farmer's day quotes

  1. Farmers are not happy in our country, how can we be?
  2. Think about farmers who feed everyone and die due to hunger.
  3. Farming is not a job, it’s a Noble and kind of charity for the world.
  4. Your life can run without doctors and engineers but not without a farmer.
  5. Our farmers are the backbone and also the identity.
  6. No farmers, no food, no life.
  7. Farmers understand the land and nature.
  8. Farmers are a job of patience.