1. 3 meters from gold

During the gold rush, a man who had been mining in Colorado for several months quit his job because he hadn’t found gold yet and was tired of his work.

He sold his equipment to another man, who resumed mining where it was interrupted. The new person hired for mining was warned by engineers that there was gold just three feet from where the first miner stopped digging.

The engineer was right. That is, the first miners were only three feet away from the gold mine before they stopped.


When things get difficult, we try to overcome adversity. Many people give up pursuing their dreams because they find it difficult, boring, and tiring to work. But in many cases, you’re closer to your goal than you think, and a little harder push will succeed. MOTIVATIONAL SHORT STORIES WITH MORAL



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  1. Obstacles on our road In ancient times (opportunities)

The king had rocks on the road. Then he hid and saw if someone moved the rock out of the way. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers stopped by and walked around.

Many accused the King of failing to keep the road clean but did nothing to get rid of the stones.

Farmers brought a lot of vegetables. As the farmer approached the rock, he unloaded his luggage and tried to push the stone off the road. After a lot of pressure and effort, he finally succeeded.

After the farmer returned to pick up the vegetables, he noticed a purse lying on the street where the rocks were. The wallet was not empty, in fact, it contained many gold coins and a note from the King explaining that the gold was for those who removed the rock from the pavement.


All the obstacles we encounter in our lives give us the opportunity to improve our living conditions. While complaining lazily, others create through kind hearts, generosity, and the willingness to get things done.

  1. Boulder and Gold

Once upon a time, there was a king who decided to do a little experiment. He had a huge rock in the middle of the street. Then he hid near the rock and saw if anyone would try to get him out of the way. MOTIVATIONAL SHORT STORIES WITH MORAL

First, some wealthy merchants came. They roamed around the rocks and complained that the king wasn’t keeping the road well.

Next came a farmer who was walking home with his arms full of food for his family. When he noticed the rock, he put down his purchase and tried to keep it out of the way. It took a while to get it working, but it was successful.

After collecting the purchases to go home, the farmer noticed a bag in the middle of the street, where the former rock was. He opened the bag and noticed it was full of gold coins. There was also a letter from the king stating that the gold in the bag was a reward to the farmers who spent their time and energy moving the rocks off the road for convenience. Of other people traveling in the future. MOTIVATIONAL SHORT STORIES WITH MORAL


The farmer in this story was taught by the king to offer an opportunity to improve any obstacles you encounter. If you can overcome the challenging moments, you may be much better than before you tried.

This story also provides a lesson about personal responsibility. When you see a job in front of you, don’t leave it to someone else. Rather, step up and work to help the people who come after you.


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  1. Butterflies (battle)

A man found a butterfly cocoon.

One day, a small opening appeared. He sat down, stared at the butterfly for hours, and tried to force his body through this small hole.

Suddenly the progress stopped and it seemed to be stuck.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He grabbed the scissors and cut off the remaining cocoons. Then the butterfly came out easily, but the body was swollen and the wings were small and wrinkled. The man sat down thinking nothing about it and waited for his wings to spread to carry the butterflies. But that didn’t happen. The butterflies spent the rest of their lives in flightless birds, crawling around with small wings and swollen bodies. Despite the gentle heart of the man, he did not understand that a contracting cocoon and butterfly fight was needed to pass through a small opening. It was God’s way of forcing liquid from the butterfly’s body to its wings. Get ready to fly when you get out of the cocoon. MOTIVATIONAL SHORT STORIES WITH MORAL


The struggle of our lives develops our strengths. Without fighting, we wouldn’t grow or grow stronger. Therefore, it is important to overcome the challenges alone, without relying on the help of others.

  1. Breathe without air

A boy asked a wise old man what was the secret to his success. After listening to the boy’s question, the wise man told the boy to meet him in Asakawa, and he would get the answer there.

In the morning, the wise man and the boy walked toward the river. They further drove into the river, past the tip of the water covering their nose and mouth.

At this point, the wise man put the boy in the water.

When he had a hard time getting out, the wise man pushed him further down. The boy felt the fish slip on his feet, twisted and got up even harder. The man finally lifted the boy’s head and took his breath. The boy took his breath while taking a deep breath.

The wise man said, “What did you fight for when you were in the water?” The boy replied: “Air!” The man said: “There is a secret to success. If you want as much success as underwater air, you’ll get it. That’s the only secret.


Success only begins when there is a desire to achieve something. When your motivation is weak, your results follow. Think about what you want most in your life and work to get it. Make sure that the people around you and others do not affect what you really want. Just because a fish swimming in the water is comfortable does not mean that you are.