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Sports day Quotes

On 29th August we celebrate sports day in India. Because on this day our great hockey player was born who made our country proud in the world. By winning the gold medal in Olympics thrice he is none other than “Major Dhyan Chand Singh”.

This is the day of victory and proud for every Indians. We should make people aware about the importance of sport or physical activities. On occasion, of sports day we wish you all for better and bright carrier in sport. Here, we have brought :

National sports day quotes, Major Dhyan Chand’s quotes, sports day wishes, welcome quotes for sports day.

Major Dhyan Chand Quotes-

  • It may possible that someone doesn’t know about the life history of Major Dhyan Chand Singh but everyone knows his incredible name. Happy national sport day
  • Major Dhyan Chand is respectable and honorable life which still exists today in saying and examples. Happy national sport day
  • There’s the great saying of Major Dhyan Chand that we must make our country proud it’s our duty. Happy national sport daymajordhyanchandsportsdayquotes

Sports day quotes-

  • Sports give us instantaneous results of our wrongdoings and teach unforgettable lessons for life. Happy national sport day
  • When Games of childhood becomes your young passion for the sport is invisible. Happy national sport day
  • Sports teach us the importance of doing mistakes and overcoming mistakes. Happy national sport day
  • Sport becomes a part of life when life plays with us, just accept it conditioning you have no others choice. Happy national sport day
  • Big champions also start their journey by playing in street with friends so celebrate childhood along with sport day. Happy national sport day
  • The sport demands focus, power and spontaneity on the ground to become a great player. Happy national sport day
  • The sports ground is the only area where planning doesn’t work at all for anyone. Happy national sport day
  • Many people can’t even live without playing sports. Happy national sport day
  • A Sportsperson is the most dedicated and passionate soul in the world.
  • Respect the sport and also sportsmanship. Happy national sport day
  • Tough and complicated days of our life add more zest to our relief and comfort days. Happy national sports day
  • Here prediction doesn’t work, you might be champion but you can’t have a 100% chance to win. Happy national sports day

Motivational Dhyan Chand Quotes for Sports day

Sports day wishes-

  • Playing games never let your enthusiasm levels down. Happy national sport day
  • Real players are those who give their all in enjoying the game not only on winning. Happy national sports day
  • Life is easy and fun who have sportsmanship. Happy national sport day
  • Those who don’t afraid to lose no one can lose them. Happy national sport day
  • Sports are great to learn, how to work as tea am not as individuals, that’s what is called team spirit. Happy national sport day
  • We should take sports as fun not dead serious. Happy national sport day
  • Sport is not about failing or succeeding it’s all about playing. Happy national sport day
  • Welcome the sports in life and live life like a game in joy and enthusiasm. Happy national sport day
  • When you can handle the odds of your life smoothly then you are the champion. Happy national sport day
  • Sportspersons live always healthy life and also die with adequate health. Happy national sport day
  • The sports ground is the only place in the world where the difference doesn’t exist. Happy national sport day
  • if you are all trained but not sharp mindset and focus so there is very low chance of your winning. Happy national sport day
  • Cricket teaches us that when you plan to hit high then there’s more chance to be out. Happy national sport day
  • In-game no matter how perfect a player you are you can’t win individually you have to learn teamwork. Happy national sport day
  • When you failed means you are near to the success but if you don’t try you are so far from success. Happy national sport day
  • Sport is not only about our physicality but it’s also about you mentality. Happy national sport day.