Knowledgeable Human Rights day quotes - quotes for human right day.

Human Rights Day

On the 10 of December, we celebrate human rights day every year. Our rights give us the freedom to speak against injustice, inequality and every wrong thing that happened to us or anyone else in this world. On human rights day, we should try at least to make more people aware of their rights and show courage and speak up for ourselves least, here we have brought the slogan to make people awake from the darkness of suffering, How do you wish Human rights day? short quotes on human rights, Human Rights day wishes in English.

  • Peace is only possible when we have equal rights and duties.
  • Today Society is lacking respect for each other.
  • No matter what is our religion and caste, we all deserve equal rights.
  • We have the right to life so, live and let live.
  • Every human being has the right to equality.
  • Women do not want priority they also want equality.
  • Speak up for Rights is right to do.
  • Hoping for the future, no one has to protest for their right.
  • Our rights got violated by the powerful.
  • You got no right to domestic violence even in your room.
  • Right is not about individuality it’s about humanity.

Knowledgeable Human Rights day quotes

  • Equality brings joy and happiness to society.
  • Even today Our society is unable to give justice to the poor.
  • It is been more than 70 years of freedom but still, we aren’t able to bring equality and peace in society.
  • We should aware of our rights and make others also.
  • Our rights are not limited to anything or anyone.
  • No human is before anyone else in the eyes of nature.
  • Everyone has the right to speak for themselves.
  • Our society drawback is Today, not any law can punish the rich.
  • We all can bring change for everyone’s good.
  • Who violates others rights must their humanity have died inside.
  • We don’t have the right to molest and beat other creatures.
  • You are related to it does not mean you own it.
  • Our forefathers give us right but we fail to preserve them.
  • It feels like two different worlds for the poor and rich but everyone is talking about equality.
  • Rich don’t follow equality and the poor don’t believe in inequality.
  • You have the right to freedom of opinion but don’t give it to others.

Knowledgeable Human Rights day quotes

  • When a woman has to tolerate his husband anger quietly, where is equality?
  • Right is not only for humans it’s for all living beings.
  • It is a painful sight to see a violation of anyone right.
  • No matter your are on which height you should respect others rights.
  • We have the right to fight against wrong.
  • Act when it is needed whether it’s for you or anyone else.
  • Our right is a souvenirs from our ancestors.
  • Being unaware of rights is like having money but starving from hunger.