Happy Navy Day Wishes

On 4th December of every year, we celebrate navy day in appreciation of the Indian navy attack against Pakistan during the Indo-Pak war in 1971, Indian navy is the armed force of India most prestigious and deadly. Living in an Inhabitat environment for days and fighting there is so difficult. We wonder about the courage of our soldiers and salite that dedication to saving us, it’s incredible.

On the occasion of the navy day, we’ve brought how do you wish someone a navy day? the slogan of the Indian navy, status and quotes on the navy day in English.

  1. Being underwater and not being able to see the sky for days, only the navy can understand.
  2. People are scared of danger but danger scared from our navy.
  3. We always pray for our soldier’s safety on borders.
  4. They fight with death and dangers every day.
  5. Most dangerous spot to be in this world is the border.
  6. We praise glorious places and palaces but we forgot to praise our soldiers who preserve it all.
  7. I don’t feel much respect and affection towards any career except our soldiers.
  8. They are also human they have all right to enjoy but they impose their duty first.
  9. They also desire to live with family but they can’t because if they’ll do we can’t.
  10. They live in the arms of our mother India very happily with no criticisms.
  11. No matter where they are, we always feel their presence with us in our protected atmosphere.
  12. It feels incredible when your family members are in defence.
  13. You can’t be rich by joining defence but you can be enriched.
  14. Its eyes of mothers who missed their soldier son most.
  15. Life is never gone easy on a soldier.
More Quotes…
  1. Tomorrow of soldiers is the gift of life from god.
  2. Soldiers are so lucky because they live by the truth and that is death.
  3. You can make your kids doctors and engineers forcefully but not a soldier because it requires a passion for it.
  4. Parents of soldiers are most big-hearted.
  5. There’s no predictability of the next moment in a soldier life.
  6. The profit to being a soldier is you will gonna get all satisfaction.
  7. Soldiers are not mortal they live forever in our every breath.
  8. Not any scar can weaken our soldier and their courage.
  9. Their hope and dream are just to make our life peaceful and fearless.
  10. They always succeed to save us but we lose each time they die.
  11. The soldiers are so lucky who die for their mother and pride.
  12. soldier’s life’s most influential and worthwhile.
  13. They are lucky ones who able to repay for mother love and land.
  14. We should be grateful toward our soldiers who provide us with the environment to grow.
  15. They wait so long to live like us, with their family.


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