Happy Engineers Day Quotes

15 September has celebrated as engineers day on this day we thanks those who create our world our life which can’t be imagined before 40 years are their gift to humans and humanity. Here we provide you engineers day funny quotes, statuses to wish and celebrate engineer’s day. Here are the Happy Engineers Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages.

1. Scientists discover science but engineers make it useful by converting it to technology.
2. Engineers try to always win over their own idea and self.
3. Engineers see where it needed to change.
4. Live to create, develop and modify.
5. Engineers provide people better lifestyle.
6. Engineers can’t be replaced by any other professions.
7. Engineers design and create a better world for everyone.
8. Engineers are profession having the power to shape the world.
9. With engineers technology we evolve and stand where we are.
10. A society without engineers is no development further.

—————————– Engineers Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages ———————————

11. Engineers are simply magicians who can turn ideas into reality.
12. If doctors give life then engineers give us lifestyle.
13. We should thanks engineers to give us all facilities.
14. We can’t live like we are living now without engineers.
15. Engineers are problem solvers of our life.
16. Technology are a marvellous gift of engineers to the world.
17. They have the power to innovate and implement their idea in real life.
18. Engineers slogan: Don’t like it? Change it!

—————————– Happy Engineers Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages ———————————

19. Engineering is the only carrier having a 360° domain.
20. You can only see it but engineers can remake it
21. Engineers have the most innovative and practical minds.
22. This is the birthday of sir visvesvaraya the greater engineer ever born.
23. Engineers are always needed for growing society.
24. There is not a thing in this world that engineers can’t do.
25. Engineers can’t stop improving themself and their surroundings.
26. Engineers are not limited up to this world.
27. Engineers can change everything as they want.
28. There is always an opportunity for engineering in this world.
29. Engineers are very malleable and can be anyone when needed.
30. Don’t make fun of engineering because of some uneducated engineers.

—————————– Happy Engineers Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages ———————————