Eid is celebrated after month of Ramdan when we fast for 30 days distribute clothes, foods and money in poor this post includes Eid Mubarak Wishes, Status, Quotes Images. On the day of eid people read namaz and hug each other with all love and respect on (eidgah) a ground where there organised a celebration carnival and people go to the neighbours, friends and families to eat and celebrate. Eid Mubarak Wishes, Status, Quotes Images We have brought here all wishes of eid, quotes and status in English.


Eid Mubarak Wishes Status Quotes

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Eid Mubarak Wishes, Status, Quotes Images

  1. Festival with lots of happiness and love for all.
  2. Today we will open our fast after 30 days of ramdan.
  3. Eid are festival of light, sweet and love.
  4. In ramdan whatever we distributed god return that on eid in form of happyerity and happiness.
  5. We celebrate eid after succeeding in fasting for 30 days.
  6. Most Beautiful feelings comes when everyone hugs each other after namaj on eid.
  7. Eating sweets in neighbours house and also receive gifts is eid.
  8. On the day of eid we fully filled with affection and presents.
  9. Getting fully dressed up in early morning is eid thing only.
  10. Eid is day of overeating after 30 days of fasting.
  11. In this day all enemy becomes friends after hugging each other.siblings
  12. Especially kids wait for the eid for whole year.
  13. Receiving gifts on eid from everyone is most beautiful memory.
  14. Eid is gift of god for us to distribute love and happiness with each other.
  15. Sewai (is kind of special sweet) taste most delicious only on eid.
  16. On that day no matter how selfish and disgusting your older siblings are they also give gifts.
  17. May god fulfill everyone with his lights of bliss.
  18. Eid is most beautiful celebration which we celebrate altogether with family and friends.
  19. No one are poor and rich on this day, everyone celebrate eid on same ground.
  20. In childhood you are richest on day of eid.
  21. Eid is favourite festival of everyone reason could be food or gifts.
  22. The announcement of eid god do through it’s moon.
  23. Most enthusiasm day of year is day before eid.
  24. Eid is most exciting in morning up to evening we start missing ramdan.
  25. Celebrating eid with family is most beautiful feeling one can feel.
  26. It’s look glorious when people meet with each other forgetting their background and foreground.

27.food seems most delicious on day of eid because of fastings.

  1. May God pour rain of happiness in each and everyone life.
  2. Festivals have no taste when your family are not with you.
  3. Getting gift for eating in every home is best rule in this world.

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