Happy Children’s Day Quotes

14th of November is celebrated as children day. This day is the birthday of our first prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru today we celebrate childhood the most beautiful stage of life. Where everything seems wonderful for us also today for every youth and old people.

They consider their childhood as golden days or dream days. On the occasion of children day, we have brought children’s day status and quotes for students in English. Here ae the Happy Children’s Day Quotes, wishes, WhatsApp Status.

  1. Childrens are simply the blessing of god.
  2. Most innocent view to see is a kids smile.
  3. Kids are stress killers in a family.
  4. I admit they are trouble makers but also they give bliss in life.
  5. Sometimes seeing kids we realize how much efforts parents put.
  6. Child and childhood are the most beautiful gifts of nature.
  7. kids are in itself is the universe for their parents.
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  1. Mother assumes her children own more than herself.
  2. Mother love everyone until he becomes a mother.
  3. Childhood is the most beautiful period of life.
  4. Mother life always exists in his kid’s smile.
  5. Childhood periods are most crucial for parents it’s time to build a strong foundation.
  6. Mothers also love the disturbance of kids.
  7. Childhood is itself a gift for human beings.
  8. Kids perception is sharper and more fascinating than older people.
  9. Kids are as pure as the verse of Gita.

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  1. Children are just white papers owned by parents.
  2. Want to see the truth itself then look in the eyes of kids.
  3. Father loves kids most but never express.
  4. It doesn’t matter who love kids most but one thing is for sure that they love their grandparents most.
  5. The most golden period of life is childhood because we live there to give stress not to take.
  6. Being careless and randomly on street is a kids life.
  7. Seed of success must be shown in childhood.
  8. Grandparents are the shield of every child.
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  1. Childhood is a period that is far from overthinking.
  2. In childhood, we don’t have a fear to lose someone but we have fear of making clothes dirty because of mom.
  3. Childhood was an aimless journey.
  4. Walking on a new path gives me chills, anxieties.
  5. the worst consequence of mobile phones is only that it takes all the street plays of kids.
  6. The twinkling of stars looks fascinating.
  7. There was only one dream in life and that is to play.
  8. Starting at the sky simply gives many questions that days.
  9. Most lucky are those who have spent their childhood with grandparents.
  10. Childhood was simply no desire to gain and not fear to lose.
  11. Parents after being parents live for the kids.
  12. Kids love most their mother face.

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  1. For every kid first day of school is the toughest of life.
  2. Childhood is the most beautiful page of our life book.
  3. Today’s kids miss all their childhood due to phones.
  4. A girl becomes a woman after having kids.
  5. Kids are like the sun in the winter season who gives warmth and light to the family.
  6. Children’s are loved by angels most.
  7. Mothers and fathers become most happy when their children call them for the first time.
  8. Grandparents are our first secret keepers.
  9. Childhood is the stage when we were so far from greed and desire.
  10. Holding kids hand simply give relief to everyone.

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  1. Parents forgot every problem when kids hug them.
  2. For kids, their grandparents are the most trustable and comfortable place to be with.
  3. Parents are ready to lose everything for the smiles of kids.
  4. Mother believes in god becomes stronger after having a life from her.