Happy Army Day Wishes Quotes

On 15th Jan we celebrate army day because on this day in 1949 Indian general take responsibility of Indian army from British general. We say thanks from bottom of our heart for protect us, keep us safe and peaceful. We feel so proud on our Indian army their bravery and love for country always win our heart and respect. Here, we brought beautiful wishes, status and quotes for army day in English. Here are Happy Army Day Wishes Quotes.

  1. Leaving far from home to serve the country in a dangerous region is soldier life.
  2. Those who don’t believe in love see the life of soldiers on duty and their passion to serve the country.
  3. Not anyone can live like our armies it requires devotion for country.
  4. I adore our Indian land and its culture and folks love for the country.
  5. You can see fondness here in every creature for country.
  6. Soldier live their uneasy life very cheerfully and proudly.
  7. It requires all emotion and affection to give life deliberately.
  8. All soldiers are the crown of the country but armies are Diamond on that crown.
  9. We are proud of our Indian army.
  10. If India is the body then its heart is soldiers.
  11. Due to freedom fighters, we are free today and due to the army, we are safe today.
  12. We all take our life for granted because they don’t let come a particle of bomb enter inside of border.
  13. Army writes their autobiography with their blood.
  14. They are not fortunate enough to eat everyday food with their mother hand like us.
  15. It always give me goosebumps when we remind our martyrs and their miseries.
More quotes…
  1. We are living carelessly today due to them, but they can’t.
  2. Soldiers are strong shoulder on which country peace exist.
  3. we love and respect the soil of the country.
  4. we dream to serve and die for our country.
  5. if you want to see the most beautiful coffin go to an army funeral.
  6. it’s our promise from our forefathers to save our country at death cost.
  7. for a soldier his/her country is the first and last love.
  8. Life is never easy from the day someone decide to join army.
  9. Armies are those who live and die for others.
  10. They don’t talk every day with their family but still they love them most.
  11. want to see the lion face then meet the army on borders.
  12. They purely devote towards our country safety and security.
  13. Living life on borders is like walking on edge.
  14. we never give a second thought when it comes to the welfare of the country and its people
  15. Not being able to see your loved ones face for days but still caring for smiles on every face is army life.