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Good night quotes to friends

  1. Good night quotes to friends – It is so fascinating that nights are the particular phase of the day when every individual gives a rest to their mind and body. When the silence is all around and it’s peaceful.
  2. It is said that the best bridge between hope and despair is a peaceful sleep. Before closing your eyes tonight throw away all the worries and let the universe wipe it off.
  3. Sleep on the cushion of clouds and look up towards the bright crystals of stars. I hope the angels come to your bedside and sing you a sweet lullaby. Good night quotes to friends.
  4. I love the silent hour of night, when the mind finally comes to a rest. The body gets the relaxation after the exhaustion of the day. The blissful dreams are about to come in your head, good night.
  5. The darkness is not always associated with negativity. The moon also has scars but it shines the brightest in the dark sky. Make your aura so bright that you can shine even in the darkest times of your life.


good night quotes


  1. Today before closing your eyes let go of all your insecurities and things that are stopping you from moving forward. Tomorrow is a new, fresh, bright day. You’ll shine again.
  2. Take risks and challenge your fate in order to tuck yourself into the bed with no regrets.
  3.  No matter where you are wandering the dreams in your beautiful mind matters.
  4. The day is over and the darkness has over casted the sky. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams as you’ll wake up to a bright light of the sunrise. Don’t let your past ruin your sleep. To function properly and work towards your future, your mind needs rest. Good night quotes to friends.
  5. The nature has it’s own ways of making you realize the importance of life. The twinkling stars and bright shining moon appears on the night sky to show the beauty of life.