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Technology day quotes

We celebrate 11 May as national technology day and here you can get famous technology quotes. We celebrate technology day to salute the works of scientists, researchers and engineers for whatever they have done for humans and humanity. It’s more than incredible and indeed unbelievable also this day is important to us because of our nuclear test Pokhran || achieve success on this day. Therefore, it’s a day of celebration for all.

We are going tremendous in the path of technology we are very rapidly accepting the technology it has become like our first nature to us, not even the second. On this day our team have brought quotes on national technology day, wishes on technology day.

Famous Technology Quotes:

  • Tech is not life but it is our lifestyle. Happy national technology day.
  • Technology is the legacy of those also who have given the scientific theories.
  • Technology is important for the growth of a nation but also for individuals.
  • Technology hasn’t affected our habits only but it has also affected our beliefs and thinking process.
  • Science is like the skeleton of technology, technology can’t be made without science.

Famous Technology day Quotes

  • Technology brings us together and gives everyone the same platform to expand and explore. It
  • Today you can live alone but not without your phone.
  • Nothing in humanity have brought revolution as much as technology.
  • Technology is the thing created by humans for converting ordinary men to Superman.
  • Some people lived without technology but we can’t because we are so addicted.
  • How comfortably we are living today it’s even can’t imaginable by our ancestors.
  • If people from the past come again the technology will seem like magic.

Technology day quotes…

  • Technology has changed our sense and perception of everything.
  • Through technology, we got the power to shape and change the world according to our need and want.
  • There’s the great saying of Arthur c Clarke that advanced technology is not differentiable from magic.
  • Not only the world is changing with technology but we are changing and improving.
  • Technology has some controllable negative effects but it has positive effects more.
  • Technology has made our work so much energy and time-saving.

Famous Technology day Quotes

  • Technology has made the teaching and understanding process easy for everyone.
  • Now we have lost the courage to decide whether to adopt technology or not.
  • Today we can communicate with all the people from wherever and whenever due to technology.
  • The Internet is the most wonderful and useful invention for this world.
  • Technology is something that humans can dream of forever in their whole life.