Best Voter's day slogans and quotes - know your right to vote - vote

Voters day

On the 25th of January, we celebrate voter day to make our youth and all citizens aware of their right to vote. We have two options to bring the change we want to see either you become a ruler or a voter, to become ruler it requires time or long journey but the voter is the easiest way. Before purchasing a phone we do lots of research about it so why we can not do the same before choosing our government, we must do so, our freedom fighters have done a lot to give us this freedom.

Give a vote and also motivate others to do the same here we have brought reminders for everyone to give a vote, the voters day slogan, National voters day quotes, voting awareness slogan.

Best Voter's day slogans and quotes

Voters day quote:
  • Voting is the strongest weapon we hold as citizens.
  • The election is the only day we got the opportunity to bring change for our good.
  • You need to be serious as a voter.
  • The beauty of democracy is that the king is determined by the people, not war.
  • Voting is our duty towards our nation.
  • Never underestimate the power of the vote.
  • We have the power to change the power.
  • We want to see the change but don’t want to be the change.
  • Want to see the difference? then vote.
  • Voting is a straightforward way to bring change.
  • Giving a vote doesn’t take a lot.
  • By selecting a great representation we make our home nation strong.
  • So many died to give us this right.
  • On vote day you are a powerful individual not rich or poor.
  • Each votes matter, for the country.
  • By not voting you are disappointing those who fight for it.
  • Voting is not only political, its outcomes influence us in all possible ways. Voters day

Best Voter's day slogans and quotes

  • You are responsible for your nation good or bad.
  • When you vote you matter the most.
  • Who doesn’t vote means they are unaware of its power?
  • When you neglect your duty you wish also gonna be neglected.
  • You have no right if you are not doing your duty.
  • Vote today that you have not to do protest tomorrow.
  • Every vote matters equal in a democracy.
  • The election is the day when we are in the power position.
  • The vote is our right which we have received after many fights.
  • Vote and inspire everyone around you to do it.
  • Think about martyrs and now you can’t even vote once for your own.
  • Just because you are not interested in politics doesn’t mean it can’t affect you.
  • We need to be aware of the power of one vote.
  • Voting is like shopping, you got the right to choose a government for yourself.
  • Voting is our fundamental right which affects our lives.
  • If we will not give a vote our choice would waste.
  • We got the right to change, it should not go in vain.
  • We believe in election and its process.