Best REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotes

Here are the Best REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotes

We celebrate 26th January as Republic day, on this day we celebrate the Constitution of India when India declared as purna swaraj. We bring here beautiful and patriotic status and quote for you in English, purpose and in-depth meaning behind celebrating it, how do you say republic day?.

Best REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotes

  1. our country and its pride are every Indians first love.
  2. we are ever ready to give up on our life for our country.
  3. our all desire from the heart is to make our country blossom like a flower.
  4. we respect and believe our leaders, martyrs, constitutional writers, each other.
  5. we pray for our county peace and safety.
  6. on this day we celebrate our constitution which is still followed and respected by everyone.
  7. no matter where we are we always remember our country and love it.
  8. we got learning everywhere to not lose when your fight is against injustice.
  9. The colours of our India flag represent courage, purity and growth.
  10. we got our root of humanity from our country and its history.
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Best REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotes

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  1. constitution is crucial to make our life settled and peaceful.
  2. we believe in equality, notaonhyur country gives us identity and made us proud wherever we go.
  3. loving our country is our priority.
  4. want to see hunting lion live then visit borders.
  5. Indians are the most courageous species because we don’t have fear of failing.
  6. want to be motivated to watch a patriotic movie.
  7. India lit up the whole world from its brightness.
  8. we are always ready to fight for our and we learn from our forefathers.
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  1. our India is our motherland nurture us with all love and care.
  2. no matter how much we fight but when their isisa hird one involved we are no joke.
  3. being an Indian never seem tough to love and respect anyone.
  4. we Indian citizens are always ready to convert into warriors when needed.
  5. whether it’s a freedom fight or a surgical strike one thing in common is our love for our country.
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Best REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotesBest REPUBLIC DAY Status and quotes

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  1. Living in India give a very different flavor of living.
  2. India is like jewellery for all world which makes it more beautiful and lively.
  3. Our history makes us so strong to go through any obstacle without being fearful.
  4. An Indian can’t be happy and satisfied anywhere else except India.
  5. Sometimes our eyes filled with tears by remembering our martyrs and their life.
  6. India has so many names but my favourite one is BHARAT.
  7. We never start a fight but we know better how to reply.