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Beard Status

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  1. Beard shoes the growth of a man.
  2. What matters to a man is only his beard.
  3. Beard represents maturity, dominance and power
  4. Childhood is not awesome, it doesn’t have beard.
  5. A man is never lazy to shave , it’s all about beard.
  6. Work 24*7 to earn a beard.
  7. Follow the religion called man.
  8. It’s hard to avoid it but even harder to stop it.
  9. Men don’t keep calm. But when it comes to beard they do.
  10. Beard Status chooses the best. Not all have one.
  11. Go on a beard adventure alone.
  12. Only favour you do to yourself is beard.
  13. Life will not wait for long beard hurry up.
  14. Wearing a beard is a pride.
  15. What is happiness? Ask a person with beard.
  16. Show your smartness by growing a beard.
  17. Wisdom comes from growing a beard.
  18. Life without beard is not worth living.
  19. Starting a beard journey has no destination.
  20. Every man learns a fine art – beard.
  21. All you need is an endless beard.
  22. One beard to rule them all.
  23. Things get old not a beard.
  24. Gear your beard.
  25. My beard is my pride.
  26. Don’t be a slave to the shave.
  27. Beautiful women have curves and real men have beards.
  28. To be happy is to have a beard.
  29. Men don’t cry. They water their beard.
  30. Some guys wear a suit to look important. I grow a beard.
  31. Keep calm and grow beard.
  32. He who sacrifices his beard for a woman , deserves neither.
  33. Hey there. I am using beard.
  34. Beard makes a guy hotter.
  35. The beard tells the world that you spend more time in the morning prayer than morning primping.
  36. I met god. He has a beard.
  37. A full beard looks cool.
  38. Time is mentioned in days, weeks and months.
  39. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over my awesome beard.
  40. If you don’t like my beard. Then leave.
  41. I love my beard. It’s a men thing.
  42. The only reason you shave your beard is the joy of growing it again.
  43. Love your beard. It’ll love you back.
  44. Growing a beard is a habit; most natural, spiritual and beneficial.
  45. A beard is a gift you give to your face.
  46. With beard come heart responsibility.
  47. You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness except through my face.
  48. Your character tells the world you’re a real man or not. Your best is mostly the exclamation point.
  49. Beard rule. If you touch my beard I’ll kick your ass.
  50. If your doesn’t have a beard you have girlfriend.