20+ Knowledgeable quotes for Aids day - quotes and slogans

Aids day

On the 1st of December, we observe world aids day every year. It’s not a day of celebration but we provide you aids day quotes to increase your knowledge. In any way it’s a lethal disease we have to fight by holding hands with each other. On this day we spread awareness about it aids/HIV kind of disease or virus become by making us weak and by breaking our hopes and will.

When something horrible happens to your life whether someone is stick with you or not, God is always there who has created you and also the problem so he has all the solution, here we have brought the different ways to wish aids day, the slogan of the world aids day, wishes quotes and status for aids day.

20+ Knowledgeable quotes for Aids day

Best 20 Aids Day Quotes :

  • Precautions from aids are precautions from your and all your surrounding death.
  • Treat everyone with sympathy and love but those who are suffering aids give them more because they need it more.
  • Aids/HIV kind of disease is not a problem for any individuals who got it but for all humans and humanity.
  • Those patients are not living in hospitals but they are surviving on the battlefield against aids, always be there in support whether they want it or not.
  • Discrimination and fear will end up only after everyone will be educated about it.
  • It’s good you are taking precautions against aids/HIV kind of disease but it is not okay when you start doing it with its patients.
  • This is a disease in which people are more afraid of external consequences than internal suffering.
  • Aids is not a disease but also a mirror to society showing something is going wrong.
  • We need to change our mindset and stop judging everyone on basis of anything, it’s not human.
  • Don’t discriminate against aids patients because God has already done it.
  • Aids/Hiv diseases are not death threatening in today’s world they are curable and treatable.
  • Aids gives more than physical suffering.
  • There’s the very truthful saying of Nelson Mandela everyone should know
  • that’s mean don’t give your child aids as a legacy.
  • There’s so much myth about spreading aids which we need to erase from everyone’s minds only then aids patient can be accepted.
  • Aids is a disease that makes patients alone in a world full of people.
  • Every disease is lethal but when it comes to the disease it affects mental health and relations of society.
  • Always remember, Hiv is indeed a powerful virus but not more powerful than you.
  • Try to ignore the disease, not the patient, it will not gonna help you or the patients.
  • Don’t raise your hand against those who are already suffering instead of

20+ Knowledgeable quotes for Aids day

Aids day quotes:

  • joining hands altogether to pray for you and everyone.
  • Never let the person feel left out in your presence this is against humanity.
  • It’s a myth that aids spread with physical touches like handshakes or hugs.
  • Wrong myths about aids are making our suffering community worse.
  • All disease is bad but when it comes to HIV be more aware and attentive.
  • Everyone has to die that’s true but everyone has to die in suffering is not true, be careful and aware.
  • Aids the name of this disease is enough to break you but those who heal it and overcome it need to be saluted.
  • Aids is just a disease don’t make it the topic of characters’ assassination.
  • On this day we should take a pledge to be with the person who needs you in their bad days.
  • Aids is a life-threatening disease.