Mother’s Day Messages, Wishes, Quotes

Here are the 50+ Happy Mother’s Day Messages, Wishes, Quotes.

  1. Nothing can discomfort me until I’m in the shadow of you.
  2. We should bow down to our mothers every day for each and everything mothers has done to us and for us.
  3. seeing my mother face can only calm me deeply.
  4. celebrating a day as mother day is the silliest idea while we celebrate this on our each single breathe.
  5. having a mothers hand on their head is more important than a roof.
  6. making you happy is my life ultimate goal.
  7. Without you life is not worth living and the world is not worth staying in.
  8. she shares her soul and body with us, we can’t compare her with anyone else in this world.
  9. mothers are simply just love nothing else.

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  1. You are the strongest pillar at which my all life stands.
  2. she is the only one who can pray for you selflessly without any motive.
  3. just putting my head on his lap is the world to me.
  4. luck is only those in this world who have a mother.
  5. Mothers are always the last priority for themselves.
  6. unlucky are those who don’t know the importance of a mother and behave rudely with her.
  7. The mother’s arm is the most comfortable place.
  8. Living for you and with you makes my life beautiful.
  9. having a mother like a friend is a real blessing in this world.
  10. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing.
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  1. mother is the only one who can fight for you without knowing the reason.
  2. eating my mother hand is the most fulfilling feeling.
  3. a mother is self-sufficient for everything for her kids.
  4. If you can not respect and understand your mother you can’t love anyone.
  5. Being a mother one should have to be selfless.
  6. Mother is a symbol of sacrifices and pure love.
  7. Mothers love for us is not compulsive.
  8. mothers are real warriors in real life.
  9. when you are stressed or depressed just sit with your mother for while.
  10. no matter how dumb you are, you will be always extraordinary for your mother.
  11. Mothers become biased when it comes to their children.
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  1. your mother will be turned into a fighter against the world when it comes to you.
  2. Mothers are created of just concentrated love.
  3. Mothers irrigate us with their blood from our origin to end.
  4. I can’t overcome the love and care you shower on us.
  5. I can’t stop feeling lucky whenever I see you.
  6. Mothers are our first friends and only friend who can not betray us.
  7. Our mother’s heart is linked with us therefore she knows everything without telling them.
  8. A home with a mom is called heaven.
  9. Mothers are ones who simply lives for others.
  10. When my mother feeds with her hand that’s the most delicious food.
  11. I’m not scared of that darkness where you hold my fingers.

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  1. One Life seems small when I think about paying you back.
  2. Can’t express how grateful I’m for my mother in words.
  3. Careless sleep comes when I sleep on your shoulder.
  4. We should pray to mothers before god because she’s our creator.
  5. Mother is only person in this world who care about your happiness more than your success.
  6. Mothers love their kids more than the body love soul.
  7. Give every day a little time to your mother who gives you her whole life.
  8. Mothers heartaches most when their kids are not in front of their eyes.
  9. Mothers are the sky in which we live and fly

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