30 motivational quotes - best motivation for everyday

30 Motivational quotes

  1. If the range of your future is linked to the wellbeing of everyone then an ocean of obstacles will be fit in the drop of your dreams.
  2. If you want to be successful just fall in love with the path It’ll reach you to your destination by holding your hands.
  3. You have got the liberty to work for your dream But It’s not necessary to deserving always wins Having fun is enough because winning and losing is just society measuring.
  4. Don’t follow someone’s footstep blindly it may lead you to bump into the wall of regret.
  5. When you study to fill the blanks of life then question of being passing and failing in exams doesn’t matter.
  6. Those who don’t care about others perspective only they can rule them.
  7. Books are stairs which can bring success height below your feet as the floor.
  8. It’s not okay to kill your today’s will for the dream that society has fed in.
  9. Best sleep comes after accomplishing your target which you have fixed it yesterday.
  10. No matter how precise you plan is life is never gonna happens entirely by your wish. So, prepare yourself like a warrior and be ready for every twist.
  11. There’s always an opportunity for a comeback, someone sees it or someone seizes it.

Top 30+ Motivational Quotes Ever for Students

  1. Life is not wrestling why are you trying to win over someone when no one is opposite of you. Just live and let live.
  2. If you feel tired and overworked then just look at the lady who gives you water on your Study table.
  3. Our dream has wings that have enough thrust To lift us from our sufferings.
  4. Don’t go with the flow make your direction and if needed just swim in the ocean.
More motivational quotes:
  1. It may be possible that two people have common destination but everyone’s path is unique and extraordinary in its way.
  2. No matter how afraid and wimpy you are no one can stop you from being a hero of your Own life movie.
  3. If you need the motivation to walk then You must change your path.
  4. If you study for scoring in exams, do jobs for a salary that means You are living for dying.
  5. When everyone and everything disappointed you always remember life biggest blessing is life itself, Until you are living you are a survivor you can’t be LOOSER!
  6. if you are standing after falling again and again then whether someone wants or not everyone has to give you standing stance one day.
  7. If you feel lazy while waking up from the bed you need to change your alarm and reason to wake up.
  8. Always work to bring a smile on that face who work to never let tears come into your eyes.
  9. If the books are making you sleepy then destination can make you dead.
  10. For being diamond from coal you need to learn to tolerate the heat.

Top 30+ Motivational Quotes Ever for Students

  1. Life is not about earning, winning and collecting it’s all about how pleased your experience of life.
  2. If you are postponing your task that means it’s not causing you happiness.
  3. there is a Shortcut to success “just fall in love with the process.”
  4. If you have fear of failure that means you are not ready to tolerate the success.
  5. Ultimately, the height of your success doesn’t matter what matters the most is the width of your smile.