12 Reasons why my ex is texting me : status and quotes

 Reasons why my ex is texting me

Relationships are common breakups are more common these days. So Why my ex is texting me?

  1. Well life isn’t all about second chances but sometimes it is so maybe your partner regrets the way he treated you and wants you to be back with him? Well that’s only an assumption because a lot other factors are depended on it. Why my ex is texting me?
  2. Relax! For a second , maybe he just wants you to be his friend. He might have realised that things have gone wrong between you and if relationship doesn’t work maybe he wants to keep the friendship
  3. Definitely it’s just another one the manipulative tricks if he’s someone who uses your emotional sensitivity then don’t reply to that message
  4. Forever isn’t always like the books or movies . Sometimes relationships has their ups and downs , so maybe this is the part of the journey. Why my ex is texting me?
  5. Maybe he just wants to know if you are keeping well and is okay
  6. If things were rough between you two , I think maybe he wants to apologise.
  7. He may want to complicate the things and don’t want you to move on , so answer the text properly and don’t fall for any tricks


ex texting

  1. Maybe it’s just another text message . If you are havinh hard time moving on , just ignore the message and move on with your daily life. Why my ex is texting me?
  2. If the mistake was on your side, you should definitely open that message and see whats in it because nobody must suffer for what they never intended right?
  3. The text was probably drunk texted , maybe out of blue, no importance really.
  4. Sometimes somethings are meant to be so if you can’t solve it , you shouldn’t waste your time on that single text. Why my ex is texting me?
  5. It doesn’t really mean anything and its just another text message